About Us


Cubes Ltd is a company which is striving to become the IT leader in the South European area. Having managed to join multiple services at one place, Cubes Ltd offers its clients the possibility of receiving full IT support and everything required for the growth of their business and the automation of business processes.

Our story

Our story began in 2007, when our company was established under the name Web Solutions, offering ground-breaking web solutions and online marketing services to big and medium-sized enterprises. In the first couple of years, the company made a great step forward from the local business with its presence only in Belgrade to a truly global company, taking over more and more important clients as it grew. In 2011 Cubes joined forces with a partnership company called Media Service in order to found a corporate company named Cubes Ltd, with the goal of offering all its services at one place.

In recent years, we have based our operations on our own training and education of new professionals, as well as offering IT recruitment and outsourcing services.

Our model

Our web solutions and online marketing services are designed according to our Web department model. This model was successfully applied to the global portfolio of our clients all over the world. We are very proud of our software app multiple patent that we have developed, as well as of our acclaimed electronic websites for information exchange. From a local provider of electronic exchange solutions, the company grew to become a respectable business with a comprehensive spectrum of web solutions services.

We focus on offering ground-breaking web solutions and online marketing services to both small and middle-sized businesses. The company is a proud partner of resellers and service companies all over the country and boasts of being the most trusted web department in Serbia.

By understanding all the features of the IT market, we focused our business on training IT professionals and developing their professional careers. We are devoted to all our students and to their successful careers, both in our own company and in our clients’ companies.

Our philosophy

Cubes is all about people. Our clients, partners and employees are the center of our business. Our team works hard to ensure our clients’ success, because when their companies are successful we are doing a good job as well. The transparent and open communication guides our every step before, during and after the sale. We are striving to provide our clients with marketing products and services that will really meet their needs. By fulfilling our clients’ expectations, we want to engage in a long-term relationship.