Realize your Ideas

Cubes accepts their clients’ brands in order to understand completely their tonality, voice and essence. We explore your brand, your purpose and your competition to deliver the final product that meets both your users’ needs and those of your business. 

The creative briefing was developed in order to find the best online brand interaction. Special calls to action are needed in order to really transform an online channel and they will have to be inserted into the essence of the creative concept. Understanding the competition will enable our creative directors to instruct the team on how to emphasize all the attributes of the brand and its core functionality, which is always the strongest one.

In order to capture the aesthetic essence of the whole website, we make three different versions of its appearance and “vibe”. These concepts will include the main page and two sub-pages, as well as the way the third level of navigation is accessed. Cubes believes more in displaying broader aspects of concepts as opposed to three variations of the same concept one would expect to be approved. We present the concept that emphasizes the visual qualities to reach business goals, which together with the middle and “comfortable” concept enables a wide array of concepts, ranging from more conservative to more aggressive. This palette of concepts enables us to understand how willing you are to be aggressive and gives us an explanation of the working parameter in order for us to create a design that meets the company’s goals and fits perfectly with its culture and its brand. The other round of concepts takes into account every reply concerning the final look of the webpage and its online characteristics.

The final result is the online appearance and vibe, as well as building information which actually fulfills the specific needs of users.