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At Cubes it’s all about delivering quality, on-time solutions. Learn why companies ranging from start-ups to multinational organizations have trusted us with their custom web development projects since 2005!


In running a successful e-commerce website, simplicity and an intuitive user interface is crucial for securing sales and creating loyal customers. Since our inception, we've produced countless enterprise-grade e-commerce platforms that allow our clients not only to have a feature-rich storefront, but also an intelligent, customer-centric and sales-optimized design that will keep your customers coming back. Our e-commerce platforms are custom designed for companies of all sizes to facilitate easy customer management and check out. 

Having built myriad e-commerce platforms of all types, we have accrued a considerable wealth of knowledge and experience that allows us to offer our clients sales-centric consultation. We educate our clients on how to target customers better and provide insight into which payment gateway can save money. We can even tell you which shipping option will guarantee two-day delivery based simply on the destination's zip code. In short, with Cubes Team, we have the resources and tools to ensure your e-commerce site is simply the best of the best. 


  • Easy to use, guided, checkout process for optimized shopping experience for new and existing customers 
  • Video manual
  • Responsive design
  • Product Search, Sort, Categories, and Subcategories
  • Image Zoom & Multiple Images Per Product
  • Roduct Cross-Selling i Up-Selling
  • Shipping & Tax Calculation (based on merchant provided information)
  • Easy shering info of product via social networks


  • Comprehensive Order Management System
  • Comprehensive Product & Category Management System
  • E-mail Alert per Order
  • Detailed Sales Report with Graphical Illustrations
  • Printer Friendly Order Confirmation Page
  • Video manual
  • Easy price update
  • Management System for shipping methods and payamets
  • Masive import of products
  • Export reports  .XLS, .PDF, .XML formats
  • Control of Cross-Selling i Up-Selling 
  • Management System for Email Marketinga and viral marketing
  • Connection with local systems (ERP, CRM, SAP…)
  • Loyalty management


  • Printer Friendly Order Confirmation
  • E-mail Conformation of Successful Order Placement
  • Secure Client Login to view order status, past orders, open customer service tickets, and accommodate easy checkout for revisiting customers.
  • E-mail alert upon entry of Shipment Tracking Information
  • Comprehensive archive of all orders
  • Archive all delivery addresses
  • Wishlist
  • Detailed Sales Report with Graphical Illustrations
  • Logging and signing via Social Networks


  • Credit Card Payment Processing System
  • UPS Live Shipping Price Information (if required)
  • SSL Certificate Installation
  • PCI Compliance and Verification



  • Secure Supplier Login to view order information pertaining to their products
  • Supplier E-mail Order Alert pertaining to their products
  • Supplier Order Fulfillment Engine
  • Detailed Sales Report with Graphical Illustrations



  • Advanced Google Analytics Setup with a Certified Specialist
  • Lead Capture and Lead Funnel Tracking
  • Search Engine Friendly Product Indexing


  • User Friendly Content Management System to update other non-shopping pages of the website