Reasons for Cubes

Why Cubes?

Cubes headquarter is located in Belgrade, capital and the largest city in Serbia, Eastern Europe. Since 2003 Central and Eastern European IT market has become one of the most promising software development outsourcing destinations.


Labour cost
If we compare our trained and educated IT experts with those in Western Europe and the USA, the users can save significantly, considering relatively low prices in Serbia for the same quality of work. There are undoubtedly cities all over the world with the greater number of IT experts. There are also those that offer even lower business costs and cheaper work force. However, if we compare actual costs and overall working achievement, Belgrade is at the very top, and therefore an optimal choice.

Good schools and universities
Thanks to the educational system significantly focused on engineering and computer sciences, this part of Europe fosters highly qualified and very capable young people. Creativity and genius of these young talents from Eastern Europe is almost legendary. Belgrade, a city of over two million people, has three exquisite technical faculties, and every year it gets richer for about 15,000 graduated professionals, where every third student gets a diploma from technical or computer science-oriented faculties. As the administrative, political, business and cultural centre of the country, Belgrade also constantly attracts the best experts from other parts of the country.

Since English language has long ago become the language of international communication, language barrier in Serbia usually does not seem to be a problem, which is important considering that sometimes relations between client and outsourcing company can be impaired precisely as a result of communication difficulties and differences in mentality. Harmonization and communication are crucial for business success. However prevailing, English is not the only language used by the educated people in Serbia. Thanks to the educational system, which insists on knowledge of at least two foreign languages, and numerous international language schools, Belgrade is abundant in professionals from all lines of work with excellent knowledge of German, Italian, Spanish, French or Russian.

For centuries, Serbia has been trying to preserve delicate balance and link between East and West, and the culture of contemporary youth and educated working population has stemmed before all from values and ethical principles of the European Union and USA. In the streets of Belgrade, you may hear humour and music, see art or taste cuisine which, in spite of local peculiarities, does not significantly differ from those in other European capitals; traditional Serbian hospitality creates atmosphere pleasant to the people coming from other countries and cultures. Business culture itself is not an exception.

Time zone
Serbia is situated in the same time zone as Western Europe (+/- an hour), which enables perfect coordination of daily communication and meetings arranged during working hours. Time zone difference from East Coast is six hours, which makes overlap with clients possible, at least for a part of working hours, and provides the clients with insight into the work of their development teams in real time.

Costs of transportation and saving time
Thanks to proximity of clients from Western Europe, time is considerably saved, and a favourable geographic location also saves time spent in transportation. Almost all the large European airlines fly to Belgrade, which simplifies travelling organization, and Belgrade offers enough hotels with prices lower than in the majority of other world capitals for the same quality of accommodation.

Safe and without visas
Serbia is open for investments and it has been transforming in accordance with Western business models. State borders are open, safety is implied, and hospitality, deeply rooted in Serbian culture, will make your business visits to our country quite enjoyable.

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