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Today, informative (news) portals are one of the easiest ways by which the users get access to relevant information no matter what part of the world they live in. User interface adapted to all electronic devices (desktop and tablet computers as well as mobile devices) represents a very simple way to provide information accessibility to everyone at any time. Taking into consideration the requests of the biggest Serbian news agencies we developed a complete info portal that would suit them, which has now been in use for several years and still manages to handle millions of active users of the biggest Serbian portals. 

Cubes offers the complete portal development process that includes analysis, design, content management systems development, responsive user interface, mobile apps development, everything suited to the needs and wishes of our customers. Regardless of your requirements, our highly qualified development team will give you great solutions that will meet your needs. Our goal is to help your business, its growth and progress, and to build up our own reputation in doing so, as well as to create a possibility for ourselves to become part of your business network and circle of friends.


We have participated in the development of a large number of info portals that allow our clients to publish new information in a fast and simple way and to get that information through to the recipients as soon as possible. Our platform guarantees stability, simplicity and adaptability.

By implementing many kinds of portals we have acquired a formidable body of knowledge and experience that allows us to offer specifically oriented solutions and quality consulting to our clients. We share our long-standing experience, acquired through cooperation with a large number of media houses.


"Cubes" has a web development team, web design and marketing teams, as well as online experts ("websters"), system administrators, hosting experts with over 150 years of combined experience and we can offer you the best in the world of web and online marketing. The “Cubes” team gets you  covered one hundred percent!

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